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Windows 10 and 11 laptops starting at around $500


    Competition from the big companies is fierce!  But our desktop systems are assembled right here in Clio, MI -  NOT in Taiwan or China and shipped to a factory in Los Angeles to wait for you to call and order one.  We strive everyday to be competitive and most of the time, dollar for dollar for what you get we can meet or beat those companies!!  Do you really want to talk to India for service? 

    When Clio Computers first opened, we used exclusively AMD CPU systems, we've found that old Winodws 7 Intel systems wil take Windows 10 and loads all the drivers for it, but we've seen AMD Windows 7 systems that won't take Windows 10 because of unavailable drivers.  So we've switched exclusively to Intel produsts for our systems.

    We can still build you an AMD system, but they will all be "custom builds" to customer's specs.

Clio Computers uses only Windows 10 and 11 Pro
to load our new systems

Towers                 In most cases, we'll need 3 to 4 days to build a system

Home / Business System - $879
Intel Core i5 6-Core Processor
Onboard Intel Graphics
MIcro ATX Case
512GB M.2 NVMe Solid State Hard Drive
350 Watt Power Supply

Full Clio Computers Warranty for Two Year, some parts have original manufacturer's warranty for THREE YEARS*

All our new systems from Nov. 1 2021 can be upgraded to Windows 11

Possible Upgrades:  Add more RAM or a bigger SSD
or add a mechanical hard drive for storage

You can also upgrade to a faster CPU

(Upgrade to an i7 or an i9)

  We can also upgrade your existing system


*Two Year Warranty on All Clio Computers Systems*
*Other configurations available*

All Clio Computers systems are 64-bit
unless you request otherwise!

                                 Our Warranty is fully explained on warranty page.  Link at top of page.

Availability and Pricing Statement:   Because of the COVID Protocols in place in the various countries, parts and prices may change without notice.  Call for a QUOTE today!
The industry is changing everyday and parts listed may be changed to a higher/better part because of availability.