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      Our warranty is simple

  • One year warranty on bare bones towers. (These are towers that we load YOUR software into a new tower)  
  • Two year warranty on all regular systems and towers.
  • Our warranty is like all others, we warranty all stand-alone parts 30 days for manufacturer's defects. (After that, you'll have to contact the respective manufacturers)
  • Software is covered for 14 days. *Limitations Apply*

    Why buy a system from Clio Computers?
  • We are local, you get to know us, and it keeps your money in your town.
  • No shipping your system back to the manufacturer for sometimes weeks at a time to some far away place.
  • All systems come with Two Year Warranty FREE against manufacturer's defect on the parts (some parts come with a 3 year with the respective manufacturer). Lightning damage is NOT a manufacturer's defect. We also recommend a Surge Protector with at least 2300 joules rating.
  • Unless visible damage shows, all parts and labor for two years included. If your system fails past that two year date, you only have to pay for parts, there is NEVER a labor charge on ANY system purchased (for the life of that system) from Clio Computers when you want to upgrade. Does not include software reloads.
  • Drop it off to the shop, and it will be fixed in four days or less (unless special parts are needed). Software issues are covered for 30 days. This doesn't mean we won't fix it for free, it just means there possibly be a minor charge to fix system if it is determined that it wasn't an issue created by bad hardware or something Clio Computers neglected to do.. If your systems arrives with more than "just a simple fix", we will built a new one and deliver it to you. (Only if no damage has been done to system, if you have scratched your system's case, then we'll repair the system you have)