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  Clio Computers is a FULL service computer store in the downtown area of Clio.  We specialize in the service of home and business computers.  We have techs on staff to help you with all your needs and any questions you might have.  We can usually have your system back to you in 3 to 5 days.  We work on ANY Windows type computer (Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, etc..)

   We will not reload a system in your home, it is very time consuming and makes more sense to have other items to work on while waiting on systems to reboot, installs, etc...  What we will do in your home is fix network issues, replace a modem, replace a CD/DVD drive; items that won't take long to fix. 

***There have been issues with customers not having files saved for reason of human error, hardware failures, or corrupted files, we want to stress that all files saved are the responsibility of the customer.  We will "TRY" to save your files, but things happen, sometimes beyond our control, sometimes through human error (ours or yours), but please remember to tell us if you have files that need saving or programs that need replacing.  It is the customer's responsibility to bring in all programs that they want re-installed. 

All services charges are PLUS PARTS!!!

All "Clio Computers Systems" will have
$10 off all software work and all labor on "part installs" are free


**All parts extra**

(All charges are plus parts)




System Diagnosis $49 This the charge for diagnosis of all computers (whether laptop or desktop) if it can't be diagnosed in a couple minutes. We will try to do a free and simple, but sometimes it requires a bit more time.  For all "Clio Computers" systems, this is a free service!
Laptop / Desktop setup$129


If you decide to purchase a system or laptop from another store (like Best Buy or Wal-Mart, etc..), we will remove all the junk programs and files that slow your system down, we'll make your recovery discs for you, and make sure you have a real (not a trial) anti-virus activated and in use.  

Part Installation Charge$49 All installations of parts in a desktop or laptops are charged at $49 per session.  More than one part can be installed at same time.  Our systems have a "free installation" clause in the warranty as "Free lifetime labor" for the life of the system.
Bench Charge
Virus Removal / System


$99 This is our basic charge for most items that need repair, plus parts of course. We will NEVER reload a system without you FIRST knowing it. We also clean up your start-up menu, tune up your system, remove all ad-ware/spy-ware and unwanted programs.  This includes all virus and malware removal too.  We also check to see if we have any used parts that will make your system better (i.e. RAM, a better optical drive, etc..) at no extra charge.

We completely open up the system and blow out all the dust that has built up in it. This is FREE for our systems we build and sell. We will do our systems FREE of charge every 6 months.

Laptop RepairsStarting at $99*Power jack, screen, keyboard, etc replacement.
*plus parts.  (most laptop labor repairs are $89 plus parts)

We will always CALL you BEFORE we do any work after the diagnosis.

System Restore / Reload Charge 


Includes: saving desktop items, the "my documents" folder, Outlook /Outlook Express email folders (or other user data), music, favorites, address book, and any game data that is save-able. - programs can not be saved or transferred-   All programs will have to be reloaded with the original disks. We will NEVER reload a system without you FIRST knowing it. 

Our reload gives you all the basic programs you need to use the internet, i.e. Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave, Office type software, etc..

We will also load up an anti-virus of your choice (customer provided of course) or provide a free one and any connection software needed (AOL, EarthLink, etc..)

(All charges are plus parts)

Pick up and Delivery Service
$79Along with picking up and delivering it, we reconnect all the cables, reinstall your printer / scanner and make sure you can get back on-line. 
Business Pickups are $79

On-Site Service
per hour
Networking and connection issues. (Parts not included)

Networking / Onsite (commercial)
(One Tech)
$119Parts not included.  If an additional tech is needed, charge will be $139 an hr for both technicians.  Unfortunately, we do not do "domain" networking for businesses anymore.
Call for more information.